The roofing company Aurora counts on!

Aurora Roofing Pro is extremely proud to be serving the community and the surrounding area. We are the go-to Roofing Contractor when homeowners are in need of a Roof Replacement or Roof Repair. 

We have unparalleled experience installing, maintaining, inspecting and repairing every type of roofing and waterproofing system. We work on buildings of any size and any height. From small, local roof projects to some of the largest roofing projects. 

We also offer world-class design and consulting services for all types of roof projects, including solar and green roofs. We pride ourselves on completing projects on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of our customers. 

Our trained team of installers and technicians will take care of your home as if it was their own because after all, that’s how hiring a roofing company should be, right?  

Thank you for allowing Aurora’s finest roofing contractors to serve you, please reach out if you would like a quote or estimate today!